Illustrator & Art Director

Illustrator & Street Artist & Video Artist Burhan Özgün SEN also known as Azuldecobalt born in Turkey and currently lives and works in Barcelona ,Spain. His work has been published in many international art catalogues such as „Artvisit3“ and „Touch Magazine“ and was also featured in various exhibitions in Berlin, Spain, Ukraine and Turkey.
Using a wide range of techniques, Azuldecobalt has a true skill of creating unique and instantly recognizable graphic art in which his varied
styles always retain a consistent focus on quality.
Azuldecobalt’s skilled eye for proportions and perspective and his colourful dada-style immediately stand out.
As an established contemporary expressionist, retaining aspects of irony throughout, his work remains a stunning frame for living art. Burhan studied art since he has 14 when he entered Fine Art Fine High School. He continued his education to Fine Art Faculty/ Graphic Design in Eskisehir, Turkey. After his journey to Berlin, he felt in love to Berlin’s unique and enigmatic art scene and he decided to move there to improve his art vision and techniques. After one year, he moved to Zaragoza, Spain to continue his education in Illustration Department at Escuela de Arte De Zaragoza.After he finished his studies, he decied to move back to Berlin and he started to work for one music label as an cover artist and art director between 2012 and 2015. January 2015, he decided to create his own artist Collective called Carbon Blue Collective and he started to work on his independent art and clothing company. Since 6 months, Burhan moved to Barcelona and keep going on working and and creating his freelance art projects.

Exhibitions :

2004 illustration Exhibition Eskisehir / Turkey
2005 iIllustration Exhibition Eskisehir / Turkey
2006 illustration Exhibition Eskisehir / Turkey
2007 ilustration Exhibiton Eskisehir / Turkey
2007 Artvisit 3 International Artist Selection
2009 illustration Exhibition Berlin /Germany
2010 iIlustration Exhibition Huesca / Spain
2010 Cow International Design Fest. Dnepropetrovsk / Ukraine
2010 San Lorenzo Cartel Exposición Huesca / Spain
2011 Touch 01 Illustration Selection
2012 Hola Heisenberg- Illustration Exhibition Tacheles/Berlin
2012 Untitled Barcelona // Mein Haus am See Berlin
2012 Illustration Exhibition // Ritter Butzke // Berlin
2013 Azuldecobalt Book Release Exhibition // Ritter Butzke // Berlin
2014 Steyoyoke in Brazil Exhibition // Florianopolis // Brazil
2014 Steyoyoke in Brazil Exhibition // Ritter Butzke // Berlin
2014 Sushi Kebab Group Show // Urban Spree // Berlin
2015 Mediterranean Salt, Carbon Blue Collective Group Show // Urban Spree // Berlin
2015 Closer East Festival //Mutuo // Barcelona
2016 Azuldecobalt Solo Showcase in Istanbul // Tight Aggressive // Istanbul

Prints & Magazines :

Artvisit 3 International Artist Selection / 2007

Bant Magazine / Turkey / 2009-10

Bak Magazine / Turkey / 2010-11

Touch 01 – International Illustration Selection / 2011

Sensa Nostra Magazine / Berlin / 2013


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